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We speak your language and your technology

Our account managers are organised by geographical area of which they speak the languages and share the culture. Our team includes English, German, Russian and Hebrew fluent speakers

All of them have technology background and are able to understand your needs and the consultants expectations

Simple communication channels

You will have one main point of contact at ASAP-IT, 

A backup point of contact is at your disposal for emergencies.

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Consultant Hotline

Dedicated support staff

  • Our back-office resourcing team is experienced at delivering high volumes of interviews in ASAP timeframes .

  • Our support staff handles all the aspect of client relationships: contract, country procedures, travels, billing, payments, etc.

Mechanisms to save you time

We commit to sending you only pre-screened candidates. These experts will be technically interviewed, referenced and character assessed. You can be confident in the quality of our applications

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